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Provide properties with reasonable return according to your investment budget for selection, arrange the necessary documents, loans, tax, intermediary and leasing etc information.

Site Visit

Arrange site visit. If you are unable to make the site visit we’ll let you know the property through providing images/video.

Application of Purchase

To make the investment decision, an application of purchase need to be submitted to the Landlord for bargaining.

Deposit/Sign Contract

Buyers and Seller confirmed the price, closing dates and other details, usually the deposit is 5-10% of the selling price should be paid within 14 days and signed contract. Customer will be provided the buyer proof of identity and proof of address affidavits and other related documents. Customers can go personally to Japan to sign the contract or letter of appointment commissioned by the company to sign on behalf of the judicial scriveners.


Because general mortgage bank of Japan cannot provide services for no residence permit of foreigners in Japan, customers can apply through the Bank of China Tokyo Branch, First Commercial Bank Ltd., or Orix (Asia) Ltd. for the mortgage of an amount of 50-70%. Relevant account and mortgage formalities must apply in person by the applicant. The basic loan amount is 20 million yen.

Transfer of Ownership

After all the property information to be identified and registered by the judicial scriveners, the buyer must pay the remaining balance within the agreement completion period. When the seller confirms the receipt of the balance payment the property transfer of ownership is completed. The time of transfer of ownership owing to different payment methods, the most efficiency is paid by cash and one-time off.

Tenancy Management Introduction