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Our branch office in Tokyo is to provide daily updates of properties and the market information to ensure our customers receive the best quality service when making investments. Compared with other Asia regions, Tokyo’s property is in a high quality level, the return of rental income is one of the highest in the world, the net yield is of about 5-8%.

After 25 years of economic recession, Japan’s property price has continued to steadily adjust upward, started from 2012 [Abe Economics] to now the property price has gradually increased by 20%. Tokyo is the host city of 2020 Olympics, Japanese Government is expected to revitalize the property market. Tokyo’s property market is now stepping into the “Golden age”.

Japanese Yen is one of the world’s three major currencies, the currency is stable, with high yield low price the property investment risk is relatively small. Owing to the law risk high return, buy and rent the property is a good choice for investors, when the rental increases the return of investment will be increased.

TY-property provides property investment service to our customers, if you are unable to do the on site inspection and deal with the purchase procedure, we will send detailed information and images/video in various way of the property to you, and we will arrange the Solicitor Counseling (legal service lawyer in Japan) signed on behalf of, the accountant (Japan taxation firm) to declare an annual investment tax arrangement etc.