Are there any restrictions and regulations on foreigners in buying the Japanese property?

Currently, regulation for foreigners to purchase property in Japan is not particularly limited, almost with the Japanese tax conditions. Since April 1998 reform law, for non-Japanese nationality restrictions in the property market has been canceled.

What documents I need to prepare for the acquisition of the property?

a) Passport Copy
b) Declaration (from the District Office of the HKSAR.)

I do not understand Japanese, would constitute obstacles for buy and sell?

Do not worry. We have able to speak fluent Cantonese, Mandarin and English staffs to serve you.

Can i go to visit property?

Yes, for those will go to do property inspection we will arrange able to communicate in English and Japanese colleagues arrange site visit. For those customers unable to visit Japan, unless the unit has tenant, otherwise we can arrange to take photos and video of internal appearance for reference.

The contract is in Japan, how can I read and sign?

Contract is in Japanese, but before sign our colleague will point by point to translate to you. When there is particularly need to be caution we’ll take note and explain to you. Due to the cost of employing a lawyer to translate the document is expensive, usually only a few large property holding company acquired the entire building to be handled by its legal professions.

Can only pay in Japanese Yen? Can I make payments from Hong Kong?

Yes, to be paid by telegraphic transfer money from Hong Kong to Japan in yen.

Can buy in company name?

Yes, but different tax with an individual purchase, also affect its property valuation when selling properties.

Can buy with spouses and/or family members as joint tenant?

Yes of course, simply submit proof of residence and identity certificate each time when purchasing each property. But required to fill in their annual income tax reports separately.

Can I open a bank account in Japan for rental purposes?

Generally Japanese banks will not provide services for no residence permit of foreigners to open a bank account, we can provide customers with tenancy management services with the service fee of 3-5% of rental income.

How to measure the property’s area?

There are two kind of measurement proprietary area and construction area, both are not included the common corridor and gates areas. Proprietary area is the center of the wall (the wall core) commencing, and the construction area is calculated by the wall starts at the inner surface, so both will be biased but the margin is less than 10%. The area of the terrace is not an additional calculation.

Will affect the structure of the building code when there is earthquake?

Buildings built after 1982 are in line with the Japanese earthquake building standards legislation. Earthquake insurance can be added to buildings insurance procedures when handling, if an earthquake caused the building structure, you can claim the insurance company for damages.

Tenancy Management Introduction

Exempt investors worried after the tenancy management service after purchase the property, we offer  purchase and tenancy management referral services.

Rental management company on the lease management contract to charge a monthly management fee of 5% of the rent plus consumption tax.

When selecting the tenant tenancy management company will strictly audit all the information, on lease precautions and repair costs etc issues management company will get consensus from the landlord before singing the tenancy agreement. After the agreement is signed it will collect one-month rental as service fee.

* Customer is property owner the right to choose tenants, rents, tenancy management company and other matters related to the property.