Japan’s Property Tax Rate
Foreigners without the Japanese residence permits must pay taxes through the tax agent to the Government. Customers can entrust our as the tax agent to withhold rental in lieu of payment for taxes to the Japanese government.

Purchase Tax Rate & fee

Registration Fee 2% (Assessed Value)
Property Acquisition Tax 3% (Assessed Value), pay after 6 month from purchase
Stamp Duty 1-5million ———-2,000 Yen
5-10million ——–10,000 Yen
10-50million ——-20,000 Yen
50-100million——-60,000 Yen
100-500million——-100,000 Yen
Agent Fee 3% + 60,000 Yen (Consumption tax 8%)
Solicitor Counseling Fee ~80,000 Yen (May vary from size of property)
Consumption Tax Normally included in the selling price of the propert

Remark: the valuation price of one property is much lower than the selling price

Income Tax per Year

Fix Asset Tax 1.4% (Assessed Value)
Urban Planning Tax 0.3% (Assessed Value)

Selling Tax

Capital Gain Tax Hold within 5 years (Profit – Expenses) x 30%
Capital Gain Tax Hold more than 5 years (Profit – Expenses) x 15%

Remark: Expenses- transportation fee in the transactions, hotel, agency fees, judicial scriveners costs, property acquisition tax

Rental Income Tax

Yearly Income (Yen) Tax Rate Deduction (Yen)
1.95M- 5% N/A

Remark: Different tax rates apply to different income levels, for more detail please contact us